Hi! My name is Ishika Bhatia. I am a junior in Tompkins High school based in Katy, Texas. Throughout the last few years I have witnessed immigration becoming a bigger issue. Policies are changing rapidly and the whole immigrant population is being impacted. I myself am an immigrant so I have faced the repercussions of these fast changing policies first hand. 


The immigrant community often faces discrimination and has false stereotypes surrounding them because of under representation in politics. My original goal through this website is not just to simply provide aid to immigrants like most other organizations do but rather change voter perspective to encourage them to vote blue and for candidates that will pass legislation that can help immigrants.

However, as many issues that minorities face have finally come to light in the last few months I have now developed this site in to a platform where anyone can post and share social issues regarding minority groups, not just immigrants, that they feel needs to be heard. 


Email - ibhatia03@gmail.com

Phone - (832)6475028

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